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Breaking Bad Habits by Malinda Williams


Excerpt: Unless we first decide to do a thing, it will never, ever get done. The power of the mind over things that don't matter is real. In fact, research now tells us that changing our thought patterns around a particular habit is the first step toward breaking that habit- good or not-so-good. But upsetting the status quo, being uprooted from the norm and taken out of our comfort zone is like riding through unfamiliar territory. It can intimidate many back into old familiar habits that stifle progress. A large part of breaking a habit is looking ourselves in the mirror and simply deciding that it’s time. But first, you have to want to change. Action without desire is the same as faith without works.
Challenging yourself to change old habits is neither a judgement or condemnation of your current lifestyle or way of thinking. In truth, we come by most of these habits honestly. It is simply a call for you to examine things that may not be serving your highest, most successful, beautiful, and excellent self. To discover how you can be in control of allowing or dis-allowing those things into your experience. Emotionally tied habits are the most difficult to break or unlearn but if you put your mind to it, you can do anything!

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1 review for Breaking Bad Habits by Malinda Williams

  1. Savvysweetsinc

    Im on a self love journey and this book falls right in line with what i need to help me reach my greatest potential. Although the myth of breaking habits is hard, Malinda’s perspective and knowledge helps me realize it is achievable if i am willing to change my thinking first! I know this will require discipline and hard work I can stop or create habits by changing my thoughts…
    ~thank you

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