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Meet the Founder

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It is said that in life we go through stages; from being victim, to creators to serving the divine. I am a child of God, a wife, a mother, a sister a daughter and a friend, who is somewhere well beyond victimhood- along my life’s journey and striving daily toward service. Who and where I am to be of service are the questions that inspire my actions, and through faith and knowing, the how unfolds just as a flower- beautifully and at its perfectly appointed time. I believe the answer to life’s questions are buried deep within us. It is part of our life’s purpose to find the relationships, the interactions and shared experiences that raise the questions that lead to the uncovering of the answers held within. I created She’s Got A Habit as a way for us to connect and share some of those questions and answers. Be inspired to higher heights, all while cultivating good habits of wellness, beauty and style. All this by Divine right, Divine inspiration, Divine timing and with good for all who venture this way…. With Love and Gratitude.

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